"A colleague of mine at work has just become a Christian through her son as a result of Storykeepers!" Mrs M.L., Coventry Feb 2006

RE Teachers pack

The Teachers pack – contains all 13 episodes on 2 DVDs and includes teachers handbook for Key Stages 1 & 2 / Primary 1 - 7. For full list of texts click here.

Price for complete pack 34.50 + 4.50 VAT. Handbook only is 12.

The handbook was written by Diana Lazenby of Culham College Institute, and is approved by SCAA. The DVDs allow direct access to each of 47 parables and stories in the series.

Collective Worship materials using Storykeeper videos for school assemblies are available.

These materials offer:

  • a suggested video clip;
  • focusing statement and outline of worship;
  • suitable reading and hymn/song/music;
  • and reference to suitable material in the teacher notes.

Church Holiday Club/Midweek Club/Sunday School Pack

This Leaders pack contains all 13 episodes on 2 DVDs and includes Scripture Union's Storykeepers Leaders Activity Resource handbook written by John Stephenson.
It is a photocopiable resource.

Handbook covers 5 specific episodes in great detail but also offers a multitude of ideas, games, songs etc to help any church leader.

Suitable for general holiday club, Lent/Easter course (last 4 episodes) or for illustrative assistance with Jesus’s parables.

The DVDs allow teachers & leaders direct access to each of 47 parables and stories in the series

Price 39.95 Activity Resource Handbook is also sold separately price 12.00.

The Story Lives On

"The Story Lives On" is a 3 generational bible study handbook for use with children and adults together. Offered as 13 parties directly linked to the 13 Storykeepers episodes, this resource includes 26 different activites.

Thoroughly road tested since publication in 2002 this handbook, mindful of volunteer fatigue, enables users to dip in and out across the church's year, as all 13 parties stand alone.
Price 12.


UK - Both packs are available throughout the UK.

Ireland - Packs price €46.00

Contact, in the first instance, Ross Coad – ross@coadmedia.com,   call 07802 278 101 (see also About Us).