Storykeepers was produced by Shepherd Films Ltd of Dublin.
    An ecumenical group of investors who came together to back Rev Brian Brown and Dr Andrew Melrose, the creators, Shepherd Ltd was set up to produce this series.


    Coad Media

    Resource development. Coad Media develop teaching resources.
    These are developed in association with national church groups and curriculum agencies, for local use in their countries across the world.

    Product awareness. Once teaching & leadership materials are available CML develops local marketing initiatives to co-ordinate

    • television showings,
    • press releases, and
    • conference teaching workshops to ensure widespread introduction of Storykeepers.
    • Typically this promotional work continues for 3 – 5 years.

    Ross Coad.

    Ross Coad

    Based in Wiltshire, England,
    Ross worked closely with both Brian Brown and Andrew Melrose, before focusing on the development of Storykeepers as a resource package for all who teach the gospel stories of Jesus.

    Contact details:

    Email: ross@coadmedia.com

    Address: Little Acre, ZEALS BA12 6PQ (UK)

    Tel: 07802 278 101



    Rev Brian Brown
    Now retired from involvement with Storykeepers, Brian Brown is a Methodist minister and theologian in Oxford, England. A long period of working in the television industry in the UK on childrens programming, heightened his understanding of how best to reach out to children.
    He took enormous pains to perfect his translation of the gospel stories into language suitable for 8 year olds, whilst being faithful to the original Greek and Hebrew, yet also taking care that the wording is unlikely to become outdated.
    The rigour of his theology has been attested to by theologians of all denominations, and their names appear in the credits after each episode.

    Dr Andrew Melrose
    Andrew Melrose teaches the postgraduate course in ‘Writing for Children’ at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, England. His input into the writing of Storykeepers has ensured the series’ success with totally engaging stories, which hold record numbers of children enthralled.
    Andy’s ‘back stories’ underpin the parable stories, ensure these arise naturally in the context of the episode, and allow the stories to be clearly relevant to the modern viewer of whatever age.