The Crucifixion: Shock and Despair


Mark 15:22-41


Something really shocking has happened. It's so terrible that you hardly know what to do, where to go. Everyone's in tears in assembly this morning.

One of your class is dead.
One of your friends.
You've been together since reception class.

You can't believe it. It can't be possible.

But it's true. She was playing with friends near the pond in the park. One of them slipped over and went in, got trapped in the mud, started to go under. Someone ran for help, but your friend went into the water to try to haul the girl out. Why did she do it? She didn't have to... Why did she put herself in that situation? The girl she rescued is alright now.

You can't bear to think about it. She had so much life in her and now...

Life is never going to be the same again.

You're going to have to learn to live without her.


Episode 12a: Caught at the Crossroads


When the world seems black and all hope has faded,
When we can do nothing but feel sad and cry,
When we cannot see the way forward,
May we feel God's presence reach out to us, helping us
To take the next step forward.


'When night arrives' No.92 in The Complete Come and Praise
BBC, 1990 ISBN: 0 563 345810


In Storykeepers, the story of the Crucifixion is at the climax of the last four episodes. Again Ben's experience is a close parallel to Jesus'. The poignancy of loss, especially for the children, is very great and even when they know why Ben is in this life-threatening situation, it is hard to bear. Although, in the end, Ben is saved, there is still the death of brave Capella to be mourned. Whilst people can give one another comfort through words and actions, there are some points at which there is nothing else to be done but to endure the sorrow and uncertainty of loss.

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