The Last Supper


Mark 14: 17-21


Your favourite friend is leaving town. You know she's going but it's so sad - she'll be so far away (your mobile phone won't work there). What will you do without her?

One of your other friends, the one that's always getting things going, is arranging a party. After school you all go round to her place, but it's with a heavy heart. But when you get there you begin to cheer up a bit. Everyone's there (though you're not quite sure why that girl that's always acting strangely has been invited. You don't really trust her.) There's good food and drink. Some of you even start dancing. And then you remember that there's always email. You can send her messages sometimes.

Towards the end of the meal, your favourite friend stands up and says a few words. It makes you feel quite weepy. One thing she says really strikes you. She's saying how she likes that cake you're all eating. You always have that sort of cake when you get together and she says it always makes her think of her friends. She says that each time you eat it maybe you can think about now and the good times you've had.

You are still sad, but somehow things don't seem quite so terrible. At least now you've got something to remember.


Episode 10c: Tricked by a Traitor!


We can't be with the people we love all the time. Sometimes we miss people who have gone away. Help us remember that even when our friends and family are not able to be with us in body, for whatever reason, they can still be near to us and help us in our minds and memories - something to celebrate. Amen


'God has promised' No.31 in The Complete Come and Praise
BBC, 1990 ISBN: 0 563 345810


In Storykeepers this episode is linked with Peter's promise to Jesus. The Last Supper is, of course, what is remembered by the church in celebrating the Lord's Supper or Eucharist. This collective worship concentrates on the idea of sharing and how this links with memory and memorials, rather than the other underlying theme of self-sacrifice that is also there in the original story.

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