Judas - the Betrayer


Mark 14:1-2, 10-11


For a while now you've been feeling like you've got out of bed on the wrong side. Nothing's going right in your life. It's not your fault, though. It's not fair - everyone else has more than you, and your best friend spends time with lots of other people, more than with you. In fact you think you're going off her. Who does she think she is? Little Miss Clever. She spent yesterday with those girls from the other class. Creeps. O.K., she did invite you to join in, but you wouldn't be seen dead with them. And she got good marks in that test. You should have got those good marks. After all, you're just as clever as her. Well yes, she did offer to help you, but you're not going to look weak in front of her. The more you think about it, the crosser you get. You think there must be a way to get back at her - you'll show her! And then ... Well, you're not quite sure what then, but you're sure you'll feel better and everyone will love you - including her... Only you hate her... Only... Well, all that's a bit complicated, so you're not going to think about it. It's much more comfortable to think about how you can get your revenge.

A few days later, the head teacher says there has been a rumour about someone causing trouble on the way home from school. It's serious. The police have been notified. Anyone who has seen any suspicious activities should report to the school office - all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Your mind starts working. Maybe this is your opportunity... No-one would know... That would sort little Miss Know-All... When everyone leaves the hall you slip away and make your way to the school office.


Episode 10a: Tricked by a Traitor!


Who was Judas? Perhaps he was thoroughly bad, a ruthless criminal on the make. After all, he sold his friend for thirty pieces of silver. He must have been evil - some kind of freak. But perhaps that's not the whole story. Perhaps he was just ordinary like us, jealous, weak and tempted. Pehaps in some situations any of us could do that sort of thing. One little action and a lifetime of consequences. It's not such a comfortable thought. In a few moments of quiet, let us think about all the times when we are tempted to make the wrong choice, to let our bad thoughts get the better of us.

Judas made mistakes - just like us.
Jesus still loved him - just like he loves us.
Give us strength to deal with our jealousies and disappointments without damaging other people.
Help us remember that what we do can have serious effects for other people and ourselves.
However badly we get things wrong, help us accept your forgiveness and love.


'I planted a seed' No.134 in The Complete Come and Praise
BBC, 1990 ISBN: 0 563 345810


The story of Judas is told by Ben, who will himself be betrayed soon. Like Jesus, he knows who it is that is likely to betray him - Zak, too, identifies the miller Antonius as the likely culprit. Both the Storykeepers incident and the gospel story reveal something of the Christian attitude to forgiveness and loyalty, where friendship is not just blind but accepts vulnerability, and keeps its integrity by understanding, and not seeking revenge.

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