Peter - Promises and Denials


Mark 14: 27-31, 67-72


It's been a difficult day. There's a bully in the playground and she's picking on your friend. The bully's got a gang and they all seem as horrible as she is. You and your friends have made a pact to stick together.

Today, though, after the last bell, the bully trapped your friend in the classroom and now you're scared silly. You've gone into the cloakroom and you're half hidden under the coats, trying to look as if nothing's wrong and you're just getting ready to go home. You don't really want to leave her alone though. It's scary. You're waiting to see what will happen. What can you do? Nerves jangling. Sweaty palms. Fear - fear for her, fear for yourself. A couple of girls come by and you recognise them from the gang. Your heart is really racing. 'Hey', you hear them say, 'aren't you one of that wet girl's friends?'. Deny, deny, deny, save yourself... 'Not her - wouldn't be seen dead with her' you lie. Relief as they go off. But then it happens again... 'No, she's not my friend' you hear yourself say.

The bullies don't seem too convinced. As they stroll out of the cloakroom, you feel sick. Some friend you are.


Episode 10d: Tricked by a Traitor! and 11b: Tried and True


When we are frightened, may we find courage.
When we are unsure of what to do, may we find the right way forward.
When we get things wrong, may we know how to be sorry and put them right again.


'Lost and Found' No.57 in The Complete Come and Praise
BBC, 1990 ISBN: 0 563 345810


This collective worship uses parts of two scenes from Storykeepers and explores the feelings that Peter might have had when he was too weak to stick up for his friend. The first scene, from Episode 10, describes Peter's promise to Jesus never to let him down, and the second, from Episode 11, describes events while Jesus is being tried by the High Priest.

In Storykeepers, the story of Peter's promise is told by Helena. Ben, in chains in prison, tells the story of Jesus' trial before the High Priest and Peter's denial. He also adds how brave Peter turned out to be eventually. This encourages Justin, Marcus and two other Christians who are refusing to betray anyone, despite the threat to their own lives.

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