The Unmerciful Servant


Matthew 18:21-34


The girl who is always top of the class got into trouble a few days ago. She hadn't done her homework. Just her luck, it was when the Head was making a real fuss about homework - anyone who didn't do it had to go and see him, and that meant ANYONE. So it's a pity that she got caught that very day, after he'd made the point and scared her a bit, he let her off as long as she doesn't do it again. You, and everyone else in the class felt quite relieved.

This morning, though, everyone was fed up. That girl has been making your friend's life misery. She came up to you and your friend at registration and heard you talking, all about how your friend had been having a hard time at home looking after her baby brother, and had forgotten her homework, so she was really worried. And then, when you were asked to hand your books in - you could hardly believe it - that girl looked at your friend and told on her, just to make herself look good again. You were really shocked.

But the teacher ignored it. A bit later she called up the girl who is supposed to be top of the class. You don't know exactly what she said, but she won't dare forget her homework again in a hurry. And somehow she doesn't seem to be quite so top of the class any more.


From Episode 3: Catacomb Rescue


There are times when we are all mean, when we do not do the right thing by other people. At the same time, we are quick to complain when we think we are hard done by. Help us to understand that we are all responsible for each other, that we must act fairly, as Jesus taught, so that we can all live as good friends and neighbours in God's love.


This story of the Unmerciful Servant occurs in the same Storykeepers episode as the parables of the Sower and the Good Samaritan (both covered in units of this resource). The theme of the episode is 'Neighbours and Friends' and the stories come together to show different aspects not only of personal relationships but of how the Gospels describe the Kingdom of God and what God is like.

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