The Annunciation


Luke 1: 26-35, 38


It feels like a perfectly ordinary day. You're in school, there's a maths class on and it will be PE next, followed by Art, so there seems to be plenty to do. You're just stuck into a tricky problem and you've nearly found the solution when suddenly a voice calls you. The teacher says you must go and see the Head. What a shock! You haven't done anything wrong... have you?

With your knees feeling a bit wobbly, you knock at the Head's door. As you go in, the Head is smiling. What can be happening? To your amazement, she tells you not to worry (Oops, you didn't know it showed that much). She wants to ask you something very special.

It turns out that the school has been chosen as winner of a national prize for its overall standards of work. Because everyone in the school is important, they are not just sending the oldest or cleverest pupil to London to collect the award. Instead they have decided to ask you. The ceremony is being held a week on Saturday, so you will have to make up your mind pretty quickly.

You feel quite overwhelmed. And then you realise that a week on Saturday you had something else planned - you were going out with your friend and really looking forward to it. But being chosen to represent the school - what an honour! The decision is yours.

People are always having to adjust their plans when something really important comes up. In Storykeepers, Helena tells of how Jesus' mother had to make a very difficult decision.


From Episode 6: Starlight Escape


Sometimes unexpected things happen to us, things we could not imagine or plan for, and we don't know what to do.

At times like these, help us to respond to you, to think about what you would want us to do, and to have the grace to do it.



In Storykeepers, the story of the Annunciation is found in Episode Six, nearly halfway through the series. Although we tend to think of the life and story of Jesus as a progression from childhood onwards, the earliest Christians focussed more on the teachings and adult life of Jesus, culminating in his Resurrection. Mark's gospel shows this emphasis. It is Helena who tells the Annunciation story here, following the Greek tradition of Luke's gospel, where it does appear early on.

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