Jesus Heals the Paralysed Man


Mark 2:1-12 - The Paralysed Man


Imagine the scene. It's the school play and you have an important part. Although you're really quite good at acting, you don't feel very confident and your friends don't think of you as the natural star of the show. They do help you, though, when you need it, and everyone thinks the show is going to be a real success.

The great night has arrived and you've all changed into your costumes - even put make up on! That feels a bit hot and sticky. Last night you could hardly sleep trying to remember all your lines.... And since this morning you haven't been able to think of anything else. There's a lot of whispering going on, and one or two brave people have peeked behind the stage curtain, thrilled and terrified all at the same time as they see the hall filling up with all those friends and relatives - not to mention the teachers, and the special guests. Only a minute to go!

Suddenly it's all begun. The two actors that are on in front of you start the first scene. Then, suddenly, PANIC!! You can't remember a single line. You feel seriously sick. You're rigid with fear but your knees have turned to jelly. You wish you had tried harder to learn all those lines. If only... if only...

Just as you have reached the depths of despair, a voice whispers to you. 'It's all right. Just listen to me and you'll be fine.' It's that boy from the sixth form, the one that's acting as prompt. Everyone says he's really cool and he can deal with any situation. You realise you're not alone. And to your amazement your knees begin to feel like they will really support you, and your confidence floods back.

The crowd claps as you walk onto the stage. And you remember all your lines. A miracle!


Episode 5c: 'Sink or Swim'


Lord, we bring before you times when we are brought to a standstill - perhaps because we're ill, or because we are tired, or because we are frightened. Be with us to help us and encourage us. Give us faith that all will be well and help us to feel strong again.



'Go tell it on the mountain' No.24 in The Complete Come and Praise
BBC, 1990 ISBN 0 563 345810


This story is told by Ben the Baker who is trapped on a Roman slave galley. It occurs just as the galley is going into battle. The underlying ideas in the story emphasise how faith can allow people to respond instinctively to what Jesus is offering.

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