Luke 19: 1-10


Most classes seem to have one - the person who all the rest think is a real creep, the teacher's pet, or the one who always gets picked on. The one who really gets on everyone's nerves. The one everyone else is suspicious about. The creep in your class who has a reputation for wheeler-dealing in any commodity that's in fashion. He seems to make loads of money out of it and, although you dislike him so much, you can't help having to deal with him sometimes.

Today one of the former pupils of the school is coming back to visit. She's already made the big time now, starring in a soap opera. You know that she's done other things that make her famous too. Everyone wants to meet her. When she arrives in the playground you all crowd around hoping for a glimpse - and maybe even a word from her! The creep's there as well, of course, even if he can't get much of a look-in. He's tried to climb up on the wall for a better view; at least that takes him a long way from the action.

So imagine your surprise when the gorgeous soap opera star calls over to the creep! He jumps down off the wall and heads in her direction. She wants him to show her round the school. They even sit together at lunch time! You can hardly believe it.

Funnily enough, after that day the creep gives up his wheeler-dealing, and suddenly there's no-one around keener on the school's charity works than him... and, although you had to admit it, you couldn't really call him a creep anymore...


From Episode 1: Breakout


Lord, when Zacchaeus met you he knew that there was something more important in life than his pride and the way he had been living.
Help us to know that by living to your standards we can be better people.
Help us to be just and fair in our dealings with those we meet.
And grant us grace to change when we need to.



Helena, Ben's Greek wife, tells this story in Storykeepers. This means that the original is taken from Luke's gospel, handed down through the Gentile (i.e. Greek, not Jewish) tradition. It is another story about sharing and fairness, like the Feeding of the Five Thousand, but this time there is also an emphasis on repentance, change and reconciliation.

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