Jesus Blesses the Children


Mark 9:33-37; 10:13-16


You have offered to help your mum by going down to the shops to get a loaf of bread. Even though it's raining, you set off at a run and you're soon there.

The shop is packed, steaming with damp from umbrellas and the heat of the bakery - not to mention all the people huddled together. As you find a space to stand in, you prepare to wait your turn to be served. It's difficult to see what is going on, as you are quite short. Anyway, you aren't very old and this is only about the second time you've been allowed out on your own.

The old lady with wrinkled stockings, a smart business man and a young mum are in front of you. When they have all been served, you move up and are just about to ask for the loaf when suddenly another grown-up pushes in front of you and starts speaking. You look up and say 'Excuse me...' But he just glances at you and carries on anyway. You feel quite upset.

Then, to your surprise, the shopkeeper turns to the pushy grown-up and tells him to wait his turn. In fact she even tells him off for trying to jump the queue. He should respect you, even if you are smaller than him. Then she smiles at you and makes sure you get the loaf (which also happens to be the last one on the shelf). 'And I don't want to see anyone else trying to get the better of a child again in my shop, thank you,' she says to the other customers.


Episode 4a: Ready, Aim, Fire!


Sometimes we all feel small and helpless, Lord. We need someone who will stand up for us, someone who understands. May we feel sure that you are always there for us, understanding our wishes and needs, even when everyone else misunderstands or ignores us.



'God Who Made the Earth' No.10 in The Complete Come and Praise
BBC, 1990 ISBN 0 563 345810


The vulnerability of the young, weak and innocent is a recurrent theme in Storykeepers, where Ben and Helena represent and portray God's protective love. In Episode 5, where this story occurs, the theme is courage and so this story suggests that the weak can take courage from knowing that they are supported in the fullest way possible, through caring and understanding.

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