The House Built on Rock


Matthew 7: 24-27


A competition has just been announced at the school. It's going to be like one of those games on the television where you have to build something in a short space of time and the one who builds it best wins loads of money. You and your friends decided to have a go, but you don't think you'll be very good at it (there are a couple of teams from another class that are sure they'll do much better). At least you'll be given instructions, so maybe you'll have a chance after all.

On the day of the competition, you're quite nervous. There are four teams in all and the first challenge is to make a fun-run for a hamster. It's surprisingly hard work and in the end you are delighted, and rather surprised, to find that your team has gone through to the finals.

Now the pressure is really on. Both teams have to build an escape-proof adventure playground for a lively kitten - in twenty minutes! The whistle blows and the other team dashes off. By the time you have laid out a well-glued base, they have constructed an amazing palace from egg boxes and pieces of string with all sorts of shiny bits swinging from the turrets. It all looks fairly hopeless for you but you carry on anyway, carefully gluing the swing and scratching post. Three minutes before the end, the other team have finished and are looking triumphant. You are still checking the structures. It's only as the final gong sounds that you stick the last piece in place.

And now for the test. Enter the kitten. She is put into the wonderful kitten palace. She looks very happy - but suddenly you see a paw emerging under the ramparts, then a little leg and suddenly - crash! The whole palace has collapsed. She's through ... What will she do to your building? You hold your breath, but when she arrives in your playground, scratch and push as she may, she can't get out. In fact after a minute or two it's such fun she doesn't want to. You've won!

It was all worth the effort. Your team had its priorities right. In Storykeepers, Ben tells a story rather like this...


From Episode 5: Sink or Swim


Jesus taught us that if we get our priorities right and build our lives on a solid foundation, we will be able to ride out all the storms that life may throw at us. Help us to know what we need to do, to have the will to do it and to have faith that we are safe in the hands of God.


In Storykeepers, this parable comes as part of a sequence about doing things, rather than just talking about them. The secure foundation of the house is a symbol for the solid base of faith on which the Christians build their lives. Ben the baker is himself seen as someone who not only tells the stories of Jesus but who lives them out in his own life.

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